Welcome to Web site of PROMETHEUS Lighting!!

Prometheus Lighting was founded in 1995 by a group of Lighting Designers and Technicians who took their inspiration from a line from Goethe's Fairytale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily:

"What is more refreshing than light?" asked the king.
"Conversation" said the snake.

The lighting designer is given ever increasing possibilities for using light and colour on stage. However as theatre lighting becomes more and more technically complicated, the need for an open and artistic approach to lighting conception becomes even more apparent. At the heart of our philosophy lies the realization that only by integrating lighting design into the whole production process can it become an organic part of the final product. We aim to provide a complete service in the field of stage lighting - Drama, Opera, Eurythmy and Ballet.


Our work can be split up into three main fields


Design & Production

Lighting design and planning for productions in theatres, on location and on tour.


Technical Services & Sales

Technical staff and hardware for setting up and running shows.

Sale of lighting equipment.

Design of fixed and mobile lighting rigs.

Research & Education

The use of light and colour on stage.

New lighting techniques and apparatus.

Seminars on the artistic and technical aspects of stage lighting.